Travel Miles 101 Testimonials

“Thank you thank you thank you! Seriously I appreciate it. Taking this course is the best thing I ever did.”

— Jessica P.

“Brad & Alexi,

Thank you so much for putting this course together. I’ve wanted to get into the game for a while, but struggled with developing a plan for how to make it work for my wife and I. The course has been so incredibly helpful.

Even better, now I know how to actually redeem and utilize all these miles. Just watched the episode on using Avios miles and it blew my mind. Now I can fly to Hawaii and to see my family in Utah for 1/2 the miles or less!

I can’t thank you both enough.”

— Cobin S.
Testimonials Travel Miles 101

“Just finished booking a trip of a lifetime for next May- Atlanta to Rome, Italy using 20,000 American Airlines points + $26 per ticket. 4 days in Rome at a great airbnb place for $400 – cost will be reimbursed with Arrival Plus points – train ride to Venice (not booked yet, but plan to use Capital One Venture card). 7-day Greek Isle Cruise – got an amazing deal – used Arrival Plus points to significantly reduce cost and 3 additional days in Venice at an airbnb place for $300 – cost will be wiped out with Venture card. The only down side is that there was no flight home that did not involve using a British Airways flight, so the taxes were $250 per flight plus 30,000 points.

I am thrilled. I had priced this trip before learning about travel rewards and it was well over $5000. We should be able to do it for way less than $1000 (a $4,000 savings!) – super excited! Thanks Brad Barrett and Alexi Zemsky!!!”

— Dana M., Atlanta, GA

“I have been reading travel advice for years. Having so much information, so well organized into chunks was inspiring and invaluable. I am working at my own pace to implement the strategies and hope to advance into the more ambitious ones as I go along. The Facebook inputs are genius. A must do for anyone that thinks about using points for travel.”

— Cheval O.

“I’ve been “working” the Frequent Flyer programs since 1983. Despite that, the course provided educated me on benefits, shortcuts, and program idiosyncrasies I was unaware of. Now my miles will take me further. Well planned with helpful videos. Thank you!”

— Ginny K.

“Thank you Brad Barrett and Alexi Zemsky! Your course is easy to follow and your help along the way has been outstanding.

— Eileen M.

“This course has been extremely valuable, providing an array of information covering many aspects of achieving the benefits of travel rewards. It covers a diverse range of topics, enabling a beginning travel hacker to a more experienced one to gain valuable insight and reduce their expenses across airfare, hotels, etc. Many optimal strategies are covered and I will surely benefit from many of them! Great course.”

— Jason W.

“Thanks a lot Alexi & Brad for this excellent course material. Course content is very detailed and easy to use. This can be easily followed by any beginner level travel hacker !! I have already started implementing some of the strategies mentioned in the course. Topics you have covered are awesome !! Thanks again.”

— Suresh P.

“Thank you for putting this course together Brad Barrett and Alexi Zemsky! As a beginner we travel rewards, this gave me the background to get started in an easy to understand manner. I will also use the course as a point of reference for future cards and “how to” as I plan down the road. Thanks again!”

— Ryan S.

“This course is A+!!! I’m new to the travel rewards world and wish I had found Brad and Alexi’s course a long time ago…..would’ve saved me a lot of money! I’ve been recommending their course and concepts to all my friends. Thank you!”

— Dale N.

“Brad and Alexi have done an excellent job consolidating a lot of great information. They have boiled down all the info you would need to get started travel rewards and they present it in a very user-friendly forum. I have been using points and miles to book travel for years and already knew a few tricks. This course has really helped me step up my game and feel comfortable doing it. There is a support community here to help answer questions and get you on your way. An huge THANK YOU to Brad Barrett and Alexi Zemsky for all the time and effort you put into this.”

— Angela S.

“Thank you for letting me participate in your course. I found it extremely helpful to have all the current information consolidated. The course gave me the confidence to start with travel rewards. I appreciated the timely feedback and the opportunity to share via the Facebook group. I look forward to staying in touch with the community through the new forum.”

— Ramin K.

“I can not say enough great things about what I learned from this course. I especially enjoyed Brad’s video tutorials. Every one had a specific helpful hit that will make my future travel ambitions reality. Thank you!!!!”

— Jane B.
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“This is an amazing course for every kind of traveler. The amount of information and detailed videos/guides were extremely helpful. Additionally, the format was amazing. I could learn at my own pace on my own time. Thank you both for all your efforts and for sharing !!!”

— Arpit K.

“Super helpful. Not only were there videos with information and how-tos on topics that would take way to long to muddle through alone, but there was a great community that really encouraged each other!”

— Margaret T.

“This is one awesome program. It has taught me things and ways to save, and even make money maximizing cash back and rewards. Simply awesome.”

— Erik T.

“Brad and Alexi did a great job explaining and demystifying the travel rewards game. Everything was covered in this course, from what miles to earn to step by step instructions for booking a trip with them. I learned a ton! Thanks guys!”

— Mattie F.

“A huge thank you to Brad and Alexi for sharing your knowledge, putting together all the lessons for us, and helping us out with all our questions! I have learned a ton! I look forward to continued discussions here and on your forum.”

— Liz N.

“I just wanted to say Thank You to Brad & Alexi for all of your help. I have learned a ton and cannot believe how easy it really is. Thanks again and you are both great teachers.”

— Julie L.